Why buy from MARKX SPORTS?

We provide Premium and Customized BJJ & Boxing products at faster pace to market that are not easily available at prime prices. Dedicated team with passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Boxing knows what we are selling and what our eager customer is looking for.

What is the turnaround time for Custom & Designed GIs & Boxing?

This depends on whether you choose Personalized / Custom Design your Gi & Boxing Gloves or Premium/ Basic Styled articles of Markx Sports.
• Ordering Personalized / Custom Design your Gi & Boxing Gloves: Once your order is confirmed. It takes up to 4-5 days in production depending on the complexity of the customisation.7 days for shipping & delivery.

• Ordering Premium / Basic Styled GIs & Boxing Gloves: Once your order is confirmed. It takes up to 3-4 days in production and 7 days for shipping & delivery.

Wholesale Orders:
• Ordering wholesale: Up to 4 weeks (7 days for design, 3 days for review, 10 days for production, 7 days delivery via air freight upon customer's expense). Shipment can be shipped by sea depending on the customer's preference which may take up to 6 weeks in addition.

Where does Markx Sports get their products line?

The head office of Markx Sports is in Ontario, Canada and the production units are in Pakistan. The reason for production from Pakistan is their Elite Cotton, thread and the leather count is very high which considers to be premium quality of raw materials. All of our products are Designed in Canada by our R&D and design team.

What is size Guide?

Each brand has their own sizing chart for men/women & kids which is provided at product page. Furthermore, how to measure information is provided to ensure you get the right size. We request customers to carefully study the size charts and get the right fit.

Can I get more information about product before purchasing it?

Yes, our team is knowledgeable in Sports Gears & Active Wear field and can answer your questions to help you buy. Our Live chat agent is to assist you in best to ability possible. If our chat agent is offline, you can still send a message in chat and we will get back to you via email within next 24 hours.

Is there post purchase support?

Yes, if you need help in understanding how to use the product. Please get in touch at info@markxsports.com and will advise you.

Where are the washing instructions?

It is very important to take care when washing the garments. All garments will have wash care labels or written on packaging. If you can’t find it, please get in touch with us at info@markxsports.com and will advise you.

Why are there multi-currency in website?

Our website is based in Canada and does service to customers in Canada and Worldwide. To assist international buyers, know cost in their respective currencies.

How is site navigation?

The site has very good filter system that allows customers to view products based on Prices, color, subcategories and other attributes.

Quantity availability?

Some of the styles are fast runs and some are manufactured on the custom demand. Quantity is not an issue in terms of availability.

Can customers place draft orders?

Currently we didn’t activate the draft order in the site. However, if you need your order to be drafted to specific date then you can reach us by chat or write in the form of "instructions for seller" and we will note it to draft your order as per your instructions. Our team will advise you on the process once you place the order.

Can I open business account?

Yes, if you are a store or gym owner and like our product line for bulk buy. Then connect with us and we will help.

Can I Exchanging and returning goods.

Please Read Refund Policy for details, Click Here